Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils are all in the rave right now, and that is for a reason – it works for a variety of purposes, from disinfecting the air, weight loss, allergy relief and so much more. In this article, we will be focusing on how essential oils help a person fall asleep naturally and have restful, … Read more

Best Essential Oils For Hair Loss

I know what you’re thinking… Why add essential oils to my hair when my scalp already produces natural oils? You’re right. Your scalp is blessed with glands that produce sebum (skin’s natural oils). But these oils are not enough to keep up with daily harsh weather conditions, excessive washing, and dust. Sebum is light and … Read more

Best Essential Oils For Acne

We all love glowing, beautiful skin that is smooth and soft. But what do you do when one day you look in the mirror and all you can see are ugly acne scars, tender red bumps or whiteheads on your once gorgeous skin? No! You don’t go for cosmetic surgery. All you need is a … Read more

Essential Oil Brands We LOVE!

Essential oils have been considered by many as an alternative means to heal and prevent the occurrence of diseases. They are also favored over synthetic medicines because they are made from natural ingredients and are relatively cheaper. Aside from their therapeutic properties, they are also used to keep home and offices fragrant and free from … Read more

Essential Oils Bracelets – What’s That All About?

Who doesn’t love jewelry? We all do. An outfit without jewelry looks incomplete. Beautiful jewelry adds color and a special touch to your outfit. What if I told you some of your jewelry can do more than that? Yes, you can wear your favorite essential oils all day long using aroma jewelry like essential oil … Read more

Essential Oil Diffusers We Use in 2022

Nowadays, more and more people are using essential oils to take advantage of its numerous benefits. They are taking advantage of the fact that essential oils are cheaper than your regular medicines and are made from natural ingredients. One way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is through diffusion. This method uses a diffuser … Read more

Boldo Essential Oil

Boldo Essential Oil is extracted from the plant called Peumus boldus (also called Boldoa fragrans and Boldu boldus) of the Monimiaceae family. Boldo Essential Oil’s chief constituents are: beta pinene, ascaridole, camphene, cineole, gamma terpinene, limonene, para cymene, linalool, alpha pinene and other monoterpeniods, like ascaridole which causes the oil to be toxic when taken … Read more

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil (Grape Oil or Grape Seed Oil) is the byproduct of winemaking and is obtained from real grape seeds by pressing. The grapes, especially the Vinifera group variety, are widely used for wine making. Their oil is extensively used for medical purposes. In several hair and skin care products, Grapeseed Oil is an important … Read more

Palo Santo Essential Oil

“Holy wood” or Palo santo also called Bursera graveolens is the plant that contains a potent essential oil popular for fighting inflammation and stimulating the immune system. This tree species is found in the Ecuadorian tropical forest, Peruvian Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico. It is the same tree species as myrrh and frankincense, which also produce … Read more

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

The essential oil from Juniper berry is extracted from the dried or fresh berries and the needles of the plant species J. scopuloru and Juniperus osteosperma. It is a potent detoxifier and booster of the immune system. These plants originate from Bulgaria. They have long provided a natural way to prevent long and short-term ailments.  … Read more