15 Effective Remedies To Help You Treat Inflammation At Home

Inflammation naturally occurs as the body’s response to sickness. This occurrence leads to the dilation of blood vessels that let more red and white blood cells get into the damaged areas of the body. Short-term inflammation, or acute inflammation, benefits the body by speeding up its healing process from infections and injuries. But when it lasts too long, inflammation can be damaging.

If this condition persists more than the beneficial period, it can cause an acute healing phase linked to nearly every chronic health problem and a number of autoimmune diseases. It includes multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also associated with inflammatory bowel disease.

In a 2020 research, chronic inflammatory diseases were among the primary causes of death. Factors like injuries, a splinter in the finger, insect stings, environmental chemicals, radiation, and pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, or viruses can cause inflammation.

While not all inflammation causes harm to the body, it can sometimes cause discomfort. Providentially, some natural remedies help with inflammation, most of which are easily accessible even at home. Natural anti-inflammatory treatments may lower the body’s overall inflammation and enhance general health.

Baking Soda and Water

According to a study, consuming a tonic made of water and baking soda might lessen inflammation. It was found that baking soda or the chemical compound sodium bicarbonate generated an anti-inflammatory environment. Moreover, baking soda affected macrophages or immune cells that are heavily involved in the inflammatory process. The study involved humans and animals who consumed a drink made of mixed water and baking soda. 

However, healthcare professionals warn the public about this home remedy as some research suggests that this tonic could be harmful when regularly ingested. Bone loss and liver damage are possible adverse effects of regularly consuming this drink. A new study recommended drinking water with baking soda only for up to two weeks. Furthermore, only use this home remedy for short-term relief of inflammation.

Baking soda is typically present in deodorizers, cleaning agents, and some OTC medicine such as Alka Seltzer. In most cases, it comes in powder form but is also available in various solutions and capsules. Aside from that, baking soda is widely available and inexpensive, making the water and baking soda tonic easy to prepare. Since baking soda also helps with an array of other ailments, this white powder became a staple in most homes.