15 (Backed By Science) Health Benefits Of Spirulina You Should Know

Spirulina is not a new food. It’s been around since the Aztecs, and its nutritional value has long been known. This blue-green algae from the shallow lakes in Mexico was a staple in their diets, providing them with vitamins and minerals. Today, anyone can find it in health food stores across the U.S. The list … Read more

13 Health Benefits Of Selenium (Is It Good For You?)

Selenium is a trace element that is found naturally in the environment. It is absorbed by plants from the soil and then passed on to animals and humans who consume them. Selenium can also be found in certain foods processed with selenium-enriched yeast. Selenium is important because it plays a role in various body processes, … Read more

15 Proven Health Benefits Of Quinoa

Quinoa is an edible seed of the chenopodium quinoa plant, native to South America’s Andean region, mainly Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru, where it has been cultivated for around 5000 years. The Incans called quinoa the “mother grain,” believing it to be sacred. And while the plant received little attention for centuries, it has gained … Read more

14 Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom (Backed By Science)

Reishi mushrooms, or Ganoderma lingzhi, are fungi found at deciduous tree bases in various humid and hot locations, specifically in Asia. These mushrooms have been used in many traditional Eastern medicinal practices for over two thousand years, with some claiming to combat cancer, enhance your immune system, and alleviate the symptoms of different health conditions.   … Read more

14 Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds (Is The Hype Real?)

Pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, refer to the edible seeds of pumpkins or specific squash cultivars. They’re often asymmetrically oval and flat, covered by white outer husks, and green on the inside. They’re a popular ingredient, especially in Mexican food. Some treat them as tasty snacks. However, they’re also known for their long and storied nutritious … Read more

14 Impressive Health Benefits Of Probiotics (Eat More?)

Probiotics refer to live yeasts and bacteria that can benefit overall health and well-being. They’re usually associated with the digestive system, although they exist throughout the body. As increasing evidence suggests strong links between overall wellness and your gut microbiome increases, so does interest in these microorganisms. The three most common types of probiotics are … Read more

15 (Backed By Science) Health Benefits Of Oregano Oil You Should Know

The term “oregano” is derived from the Greek word oros, meaning mountain. This herb has been used since ancient times to treat various diseases and conditions. Its botanical name is Origanum vulgare, and its active ingredient is carvacrol which has potent antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.  For countless generations, oregano has been a natural … Read more

15 Proven Health Benefits Of Pineapple You Should Know

Ah, the pineapple. This tropical fruit is a favorite among many, prized for its sweetness and versatility. But what exactly is a pineapple? And where does it come from?  Though often thought of as a single fruit, the pineapple is a composite of many small fruits that have fused around a central core. These small … Read more

13 Health Benefits Of Omega 3 (Is It Good For You?)

Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful in boosting one’s well-being. They benefit the body and brain in more ways than one. Unlike most fats, which the body can make from other fats and raw materials, the body cannot make omega 3s from scratch. Instead, people must get them from food and other sources they will have … Read more

14 Health Benefits Of Matcha (Is The Hype Real?)

Matcha is a green tea consumed in Japan for over 800 years. Since then, matcha has been gaining popularity worldwide as a functional food and beverage ingredient. The discovery of matcha dates back to the 9th century in Japan. It was first used as a ceremonial drink by Buddhist monks. The tea leaves are grown … Read more