15 Secrets Your Health Insurance Company Is Not Telling You

It isn’t uncommon for health insurance providers to be as economical with the facts regarding their services as they are with money. For example, suppose you have a surgical operation, and sometime later, you receive a ludicrously enormous bill for the use of an anesthesiologist who is out-of-network. Of course, you shouldn’t be forced to … Read more

Lemon Ginger Tea is More Than Just Tasty

If you’ve ever had a cup of lemon ginger tea, you know that this tangy, spicy drink is delicious. You can serve it during any season, either hot or over ice. No matter which way you drink it, the two flavors of lemon and ginger mix to give your taste buds a real wake-up call. … Read more

Still Counting Sheep? Try This Instead

Whether you’re just trying to make sure you get the eight hours of sleep that health experts recommend, or you’ve been struggling with insomnia night after night, wanting to get to sleep faster is a struggle for most Americans. Laying in bed and staring at the ceiling or tossing and turning can feel like torture, … Read more

Garlic Breath? Here Are Some Tips

If your favorite foods include garlic bread, pesto, and shrimp scampi, there’s a good chance you’ve had garlic breath. Garlic breath is the price we pay for the extra flavor this member of the onion family adds. Garlic has been eaten for thousands of years. That means that for thousands of years people have been … Read more

Which Of These Health Benefits Do You Want From Flaxseed Oil?

A little bit goes a long way with this wonderful oil that dates back thousands of years Have you ever baked with flaxseed? Then you already know that it’s a great substitution for vegetable oil, shortening, and even eggs in many recipes. Bakers everywhere have been using flaxseed to improve the texture and taste of … Read more

The Surprising Truth About Fish Oil

This run-down of the benefits of fish oil will send you straight to the fish market! Oh, fish oil, what can’t you do? Since the old days when people took a teaspoon of cod liver oil, to today where supplements reign supreme, people have long known about the super powers of fish oil. The fact … Read more

How to Get Rid of Cystic Acne and Prevent it in The First Place

Cystic acne is difficult to treat because the cysts are actually an infection that forms deep below the skin’s surface. This makes it much harder to get rid of than pimples that form at the surface. This can make people lose hope, as well as confidence in themselves. There are many effective ways to treat … Read more

It’s Time You Know About The Healing Power of Turmeric

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite Indian restaurant. Can you smell the elegant dishes being lovingly prepared in the kitchen? You’re about to be treated to one of the most unique culinary experiences in the world – An unforgettable tour of flavors and spices. That’s probably what you picture of when you think of … Read more

You’ll Be Shocked When You See What Turmeric Can Do For You

Researchers Have Found Dozens of Ailments That Turmeric Treats. And They’re Not Done Looking! You’re probably here because you’ve heard of the amazing healing properties of turmeric. Well, you’ve heard correct! The turmeric plant [link to main turmeric article] grows in the wet, warm climates of Southeast Asia. Its rhizomes can be processed down and … Read more

Ringing in Your Ears? Your Guide to Effective Tinnitus Treatment

If you’ve ever heard a sound in your head that nobody else around you hears, then you’ve suffered from tinnitus. Whether you’re dealing with ringing, hissing, a roaring sound or the sound of your own heartbeat in your head, tinnitus can be a very upsetting thing to go through.  It happens to about one in … Read more