10 Low Iron (Anemia) Symptoms & Early Signs – Don’t Ignore

Paler Skin

Skin can be a great indicator of health, so paying attention to its color and condition is essential. Paler skin in areas such as the face, gums, insides of lips, lower eyelids, and nails are symptoms frequently seen in cases that are moderate to critical cases of low iron. Generally, a person’s complexion has warmer tones caused by the average color of blood. Since iron gives hemoglobin its vibrant red color, the lack of iron typically leads to blood losing its characteristic color or a rich red and instead reflecting a desaturated look. 

More specifically, blood that has turned pale pink or yellow indicates a lack of iron. Spotting iron deficiency in someone with a darker complexion can be trickier but not impossible. A straightforward way of checking whether someone is paler than average is by looking at the eyelid area, where this condition has been observed to be the area with the highest success rate.