13 Natural Ways To Treat Ringworm At Home

Ringworm, a common fungal skin illness, can result in a circular rash that looks like a ring. This rash, also known as tinea or dermatophytosis, can cause the skin to become itchy, red, scaly, and cracked. This condition can also lead to hair loss in the area of the body that is impacted. However, all … Read more

What Could Cause Ringworm? 14 Possible Triggers (List)

Ringworm, or tinea corporis, is a term that refers to different fungal infections, usually at the skin, nails, and scalp’s top layer. It’s called ringworm due to its red, ring-like appearance, and its symptoms depend on which body part is affected. For example, scalp ringworm, or tinea capitis, may present with scaly skin and tenderness … Read more

14 At-Home, All-Natural Remedies For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a severe medical condition characterized by breathing interruptions during sleep. The word “apnea” comes from the Greek word for “without breath.” Sleep apnea can affect anyone at any age, but it is most common in adults and is more common in men than in women. People with sleep apnea often snore loudly. … Read more

14 Signs To Be Aware Of: Sleep Deprivation Symptoms (List)

According to the National Sleep Foundation, millions of adults have a sleep disorder. One of the most common sleep disorders is sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a condition that occurs if an individual doesn’t get enough sleep. It can be caused by various factors, including medical conditions, medications, and external factors.  Certain medical conditions can … Read more

12 Proven Health Benefits Of Standing Desk

A standing desk is a recent development in office furniture, and it’s still a relatively uncommon option for those with workstations. But the benefits of using one are so well-documented that even if you don’t know anyone who’s tried one out, you’ve probably heard about how great they are.  Let’s start with the basics. What … Read more

What Causes Sweaty Feet? 10 Common Causes (You Should Know)

Plantar hyperhidrosis, also known as sweaty feet, is a common disorder characterized by excessive sweating on the soles of the feet. The condition is a subtype of hyperhidrosis in areas with a high density of eccrine sweat glands, like the feet. As the primary type of hyperhidrosis, however, plantar hyperhidrosis typically results in excessive sweating … Read more

The 10 Causes of Swollen Eyelid (You Should Definitely Be Aware Of)

Swollen eyelid, also known as puffy eyes, is a common unilateral or bilateral condition that develops when fluid collects anywhere in the surrounding stretchy tissues in the lower or upper part of the eyes, resulting in either inflammation or infection. It may also cause fever, pain, proptosis, vision loss, itching, and impaired extraocular movements in … Read more

The 14 Health Symptoms Of STD Men You Should Be Aware Of

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, are infections passed from one person to another through sexual contact. Many of these diseases have no symptoms, which make them particularly dangerous and difficult to detect. Many people are unaware of the symptoms of STDs. Moreover, many symptoms can be mistaken for a less serious condition or something else … Read more

14 Common Signs Of Strep Throat You Shouldn’t Ignore (List)

A bacteria-induced infection characterized by the pain and inflammation of the throat, strep throat is the condition that’s primarily triggered by the A group Streptococcus. It affects adults and children regardless of age, although it’s relatively common in those between five and fifteen. Moreover, it’s contagious and can spread upon close contact through microscopic, airborne … Read more

14 Symptoms Of Stroke (Early Warning Signs)

A stroke, or brain attack as it’s sometimes called, can occur when the brain’s blood vessels bleed and rupture or if a blockage obstructs the blood supply. Based on the CDC’s reports, strokes are one of the leading causes of death among Americans. Every year, nearly 800,000 people in the country die of stroke. The … Read more