Try These Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin K1, the Super Foods for Everyone!

2. Spring Onions

This type of vegetable is mostly underrated but spring onions or scallions have a lot of benefits for the body. One of the main sources of Vitamin K1, just a cup of spring onions contains 206 mcg of vitamin K1. It can greatly increase your bone density especially because it also contains Vitamin C that helps in synthesizing the collagen in your bones to make them strong.

3. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are small, round vegetables that look like tiny cabbages. These are milder in flavor and should be cooked prior to eating. They may look small to you but they are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Just eating a few Brussels sprouts can help in regulating blood clot and improve your bone density. 1 cup of boiled Brussels sprouts can give you 300 mcg of Vitamin K.