Try These Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin K1, the Super Foods for Everyone!

Vitamin K1 is a kind of vitamin that is also known as phytonadione, which is usually found in green leafy vegetables. Vitamin K1 makes up 90% of the Vitamin K that people use among all the types of Vitamin K. Although not typically used as a dietary supplement, eating foods that are high in Vitamin K1 is very important because they can help in preventing excessive bleeding and helping the blood clot. It can help strengthen the bones, repair broken bones and keep the heart healthy. It also helps in better brain function, and metabolism and prevents cancer.  The recommended daily allowance for Vitamin K1 for people 19 years old and above is 90/mcg. Here are the top 10 Vitamin K1-rich foods:

1. Kale

Hailed as the King of Vitamin K, Kale is a leafy green that you can eat to get Vitamin K1. This veggie can help enable your body to produce proteins that are vital in the blood clotting process. Kale is also known as one of the superfoods because it boasts of a variety of nutritional benefits such as potassium, folate and calcium, among others. 1 cup of frozen, chopped and boiled Kale has a whopping 1,147mcg of Vitamin K1, which is way more than the daily requirement.