10 Foods High in Vitamin B6 for Proper Body Functions

4. Lean Beef Rib

Lean beef, especially the rib part, contains a high amount of vitamin B6. Every pound or 454 grams of this has 3.10 mg or 155% DV. This is more than the recommended amount per day, so you may want to reduce the portion. Other beef cuts also have high vitamin B6, including rib eye and filet steak with 28% DV and sirloin steak with 29% DV for every 3-ounces.

5. Prunes

Prunes have been used as a remedy for digestive problems for years. They can help protect the heart from diseases, and prevent obesity, as well as diabetes. These fruits, especially those dried, are rich in vitamin B6 as they contain 0.98 mg or 48% DV per cup or per 132 grams. Other dried fruits that are also fantastic sources of this vitamin are raisins with 14% DV and dried apricots with 16% DV per half cup.