Boost Your Metabolism And Immune System With These 10 Foods High In Vitamin B5

4. Sunflower Seeds

100 grams of sunflower seeds contain 80% DV of vitamin E and 43% of vitamin B1, and 7.06 mg, or 71% DV of vitamin B5. Sunflower seeds are also excellent sources of linoleic acid, which reportedly have anti-cancer properties. Other vitamin B5-rich seeds are flaxseeds, which contain 0.9 mg (18% DV), and pumpkin or squash seeds, which have 0.2 mg (0.4% DV).

5. Fish

Oily fish, especially trout, can have up to 1.39mg (28% DV) of pantothenic acid. In general, fish that are classified under this category are rich sources of omega-3, protein, and vitamin D. Other oily fish include salmon, which can contain about 1.6 mg to 1.3 mg (26% to 32% DV) of vitamin B5, and tuna, with 1.2 mg (24% DV).