Boost Your Metabolism And Immune System With These 10 Foods High In Vitamin B5

2. Eggs

One raw egg contains 1.533mg (31% DV) of vitamin B5, and although this amount is reduced to 0.767 mg (15% DV) when cooked, boiled eggs still prove to be excellent sources of vitamin B5. Goose eggs contain 2.5 mg (50% DV), turkey contains 1.5 mg (30% DV), and duck contains 1.3 mg (26% DV).

3. Avocados

Avocados are known to contain a total of almost 20 vitamins and minerals. One of those is vitamin B5; one piece of this fruit gives you 2.8 mg, which is 56% DV. Avocadoes are also loaded with carbohydrates and healthy fats.