10 Foods High in Sodium – Are They Really Bad For You?

2. Canned Meat, Fruits and Vegetables

Canned Meat, Fruits and Vegetables

Because canned fruits, vegetables and meat are readily available and affordable, this is usually the food of people who have a busy lifestyle because they don’t require any preparation. A single can contains approximately 1,300 mg of sodium. This may be because salt is used in preserving these fruits, meat and veggies.

3. Condiments


There are a variety of condiments available in the market and they can really boost the flavor of any dish. They however have very high sodium content and consumption should be limited. Condiments such as soy sauce, ketchup and mustard contain high amount of sodium because salt is used in preserving them and increase their shelf life. Soy sauce contains 902 mg of sodium per tablespoon, 167 mg per tablespoon for ketchup and mustard contains 57 mg of sodium per teaspoon.