10 Foods High in Silicon That Help Strengthen the Bones and Slow Down Aging

4. Bread (Wholegrain)

Bread can easily be bought in a bakery, supermarket or grocery store. There are different ways to bake bread but the best source of silicon would be the one made from wholegrain. 200 mg of wholegrain bread contains 8.94 mg of silicon. Since bread does contain a lot of carbs, you have to eat this in moderation so you don’t pack in the pounds.

5. Raisin (California Seedless)

Raisins are a fun and healthy snack that you can take that will provide you a lot of nutrients. A cup or 100 g of California seedless raisins contains 8.25 mg of silicon. You can eat them as they are or mix it with other ingredients to create delicious dishes and desserts.