10 Delicious Foods High in Phosphorus that Promote Tons of Health Benefits

2. Cod Fish

Cod is a flaky fish that is packed with proteins, niacin, phosphorus and B vitamins. One serving contains 202 mg of phosphorus. Most of the time this fish is steamed, fried, breaded and added in soups. Experts believe that it is good for people with heart disease like atherosclerosis.

3. Mushrooms

There are so many types of mushrooms – oyster, enoki, maitake, portabella, and shiitake to name a few. Some varieties contain more phosphorus than the others. Portabella mushrooms contain 182 mg of phosphorus, the highest among all the mushrooms, while enoki contains 3.3 mg, the lowest amount among the edible varieties. Oysters and straw mushrooms contain around 100 mg of phosphorus. The white and maitake variety contain 60 mg and 51.8 mg, respectively.