10 Delicious Foods High in Phosphorus that Promote Tons of Health Benefits

Phosphorus is important for bone formation, energy release, hormone balance, cell repair, protein formation, digestion. Vitamin B activation, and brain function. According to dieticians, the body needs about not more than 4.5 mg/dL of phosphorus every day to perform its functions. Thankfully, there are many foods high in phosphorus that you can eat.

Products that are high in protein are also good sources of phosphorus. There are so many meat and plant products that are rich in phosphorus. However, meat sources are better compared to plant sources because these are easily absorbed by the body.  Listed below are the top 10 foods rich in phosphorus.

1. Scallops

Scallops is a well-known culinary delicacy that can be found all over the world. They are usually breaded and fried or steamed. One serving which is equivalent to four pieces of cooked scallops contains around 400 mg of phosphorus. Apart from phosphorus it also rich in selenium, protein and sodium.