Check Out These 10 Essential Foods High in Glutamic Acid

4. Roasted Sirloin

Aside from enjoying its delicious taste, roasted sirloin is packed with proteins and nutrients essential for the body. With just 3 oz of roasted sirloin you will benefit from 3.54 g of Glutamic acid. That is why most body builders consume a pound of steak when they want to build up their muscles.  Though some people eat it raw, it is better eaten cooked like roasting to kill the salmonella and avoid getting an infection.

5. Pretzels

You’ll be surprised that this popular snack enjoyed by kids contains some healthy benefits. Feed them 5 pieces of pretzels a day and they get at least 0.91 g of Glutamic acid. That’s a good way to infuse some of the amino acids into their diet without them even knowing. It is better to eat pretzels as plain as possible or just with a little salt. Eating pretzels with too much sugar on top can lead to more detrimental effects, though it is very yummy.