Check Out These 10 Essential Foods High in Glutamic Acid

2. Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is another health food item you should not do without. It is also lean meat and packed with nutrients. Whether you are dieting or not, it’s a food preference for healthy living. A piece of turkey breast that weights 3 oz contains 3.86 g of Glutamic acid. For weight watchers, turkey breast is the food preferred for filling a sandwich combined with veggies. If you are trying to achieve the daily recommended allowance, then go ahead and eat as much turkey dinner as you can.

3. Broiled Ground Beef

Broiled ground beef is one of the most versatile ingredients. You can create several dishes with broiled ground beef alone. You can cook ground beef by sautéing but broiling allows it to retain its natural juices and does not reduce much of its nutrient content. 3 oz of broiled ground beef produces 3.54 g of Glutamic acid. You can imagine how much of the amino acid is contained in one cup or 1 serving of broiled ground beef combined with other vegetables.