You Need These 11 Foods High in Folic Acid for Development

2. Liver

You can choose from either beef or turkey liver if you want to maximize the folic acid present in it. Both of them could offer up to 690 mcg of folic acid. You just need 3 oz. of beef liver to get at least a third of that. For pregnant women, it is highly recommended to have one serving of beef liver. It may be added as a stuffing or you may also create gravy from it.

3. Dried Spearmint

You can add this herb to your dish, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can get 10 mcg of folic acid for every tablespoon. It is equivalent to 3% of your daily average needs. Spearmint may be added to water or lemonade to create a refreshing beverage. It may also be included in salads just for that bite.