15 Foods High in Flavonoids (Best Sources)


When it comes to nutritious and delicious fruits, many people associate peaches with the taste of luxury and decadence. Its strong flavor makes it a popular choice no matter the age group, and peaches are a part of the flavanol subtype. The flavanol subtype is well-known for its antioxidant properties, capable of fighting inflammation among others, and reducing the overall risk of cardiovascular disease. 

As a type of stone fruit, peaches have a central pit shaped like a stone. Research suggests that peach extract is capable of lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Peaches also have prebiotics — also known as live bacteria — polyphenols which serve to help deal with inflammation. It’s considered one of the best fruits to contain flavonoids due to its many health benefits.

Peaches also have a decent amount of beta carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A, an essential vitamin for the eyes. Beta carotene is also what gives peaches its eye-catching color, and why carrots are also good for eyesight. Overall, peaches smell wonderful, taste just as good, and can be added to any healthy diet.