10 Foods High in Biotin for Glossy Hair, Hard Nails, Glowing Skin and More

2. Almonds

Raw, roasted or salted almonds contain the highest levels of biotin. In general, legumes and nuts are rich sources of biotin. This vital vitamin could also be found in pecans, walnuts, green beans, peanuts and soybeans. A handful of almonds are your alternative for healthy snack plus it gives you additional Vitamin E aside from the biotin boost.

3. Cauliflower

The raw form of cauliflower gives 17 mcg biotin for every serving. That’s pretty hefty considering most of the healthy Americans consume 100 to 300 mcg biotin every day. Biotin is water-soluble. You will have to eat cauliflower raw to maximize its benefits. You can cook it in the oven by slow-roasting it or you can create cauliflower rice to liven up your meals.