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10 Foods High in Biotin for Glossy Hair, Hard Nails, Glowing Skin and More

Biotin belongs to the group of B complex vitamins and is also called vitamin H. B vitamins convert food into energy. There are certain foods high in biotin, which are good sources of vitamin B. If you have ample amounts of B vitamins in your body your hair becomes glossy, and you have hardy nails and glowing skin. It is important for pregnancy and it is a vital ingredient in several prenatal vitamins. It also enhances the functions of the liver.

Biotin is generally safe for regular intake but this can counteract when combined with other medicines. Biotin supplements can be bought at pharmacies and health food stores. You can also increase biotin intake by consuming the following foods.

1. Eggs

Egg yolks are a rich source of biotin. Egg yolks must be properly cooked before they are eaten. However, this will reduce the amount of biotin they contain. Biotin assists in the formation of the embryos so that is why egg yolks are one of the best sources.

2. Almonds

Raw, roasted or salted almonds contain the highest levels of biotin. In general, legumes and nuts are rich sources of biotin. This vital vitamin could also be found in pecans, walnuts, green beans, peanuts and soybeans. A handful of almonds are your alternative for healthy snack plus it gives you additional Vitamin E aside from the biotin boost.

3. Cauliflower

The raw form of cauliflower gives 17 mcg biotin for every serving. That’s pretty hefty considering most of the healthy Americans consume 100 to 300 mcg biotin every day. Biotin is water-soluble. You will have to eat cauliflower raw to maximize its benefits. You can cook it in the oven by slow-roasting it or you can create cauliflower rice to liven up your meals.

4. Cheeses

A lot of dairy products are rich sources of biotin. In a research where they used 23 different types of cheese, Camembert and Blue cheese stood out as the variety that contains the most biotin. American and Cheddar cheese are also the common and more affordable variants of cheese that contain the most biotin.

5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain large amounts of biotin primarily to protect them from predators and parasites. Though sautéing the mushrooms will produces the biotin you need, it is best to eat them raw. You may want to try slicing mushrooms and mixing them with a spinach salad together with almonds and sliced hard-boiled egg yolks. This makes a nutritious and delicious lunch or dinner filled with biotin and protein.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Among the vegetables, sweet potatoes contain the highest biotin levels. It is also packed with beta-carotene, which is good for the eyes and improves the skin. There are many ways to prepare sweet potatoes into a delicious dish. You can mash them like mashed potatoes or slice and roast them in the oven with a generous sprinkling of sea salt.

7. Spinach

This leafy green vegetable is Popeye’s favorite because it contains the highest level of biotin. You can freeze spinach and its biotin content will not diminish. A serving of frozen chopped spinach leaves will still contain 7 mcg of biotin. Fresh spinach is the best to eat because it is packed with fiber and filled with nutrients.

8. Bananas

In general, most of the fruits available are not good sources of biotin. One exception would be the banana. Just one average piece of banana (around 100 grams) will contain 1.18 mg biotin. The fruit is also packed with potassium, dietary fiber, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and a lot of vitamins like A, B6 and C.

9. Avocados

The little green fruit is gaining popularity for its health benefits. It is a good source of biotin since a piece of this fruit contains 2-6 mcg of vitamin B. Avocados are now the new healthy fruit eaten by several body builders and those who are trying to lose weight. The flesh of the avocado is best eaten raw but you can also be creative and make organic guacamole out of it.

10.   Cereals

Cereals are fun to eat and are appreciated by both young and old. If you want your kid to complete his or her biotin requirements but they detest vegetables, then feed them cereals instead. Cereal grains in particular are rich in biotin. Rice bran contains 66 mcg for every 100 gram serving. Oatmeal and barley offer 24 to 31 mcg, respectively.

Final Take

It is surprising to know that most of the food we eat everyday is rich in biotin and Vitamin B. Most of them could be eaten raw or as a healthy snack. It won’t be difficult then to meet your daily requirements for biotin just by feeding on these healthy food options. Some people may be allergic to eggs, dairy products or nuts but there are other food selections that you can choose from as rich sources of your biotin needs. In case you ran out of supplements, you can always turn to these vitamin and biotin rich foods as a healthy alternative.

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