12 Common Causes of Blood In Eye You Shouldn’t Ignore


There are a lot of eye injuries that may often cause a bloodshot.

First, a foreign article may get in the eye and make you feel uncomfortable. The foreign object could be as simple as grains of sand to as dangerous as slivers of glass. It can make your eye water, bleed or worse, cause vision problems.

The second is a cut or scratch, either by fingernails, a stick, or a sharp item. Such accidents may cause eye redness or blood, pain, light sensitivity, and blurred vision.

A hard blow due to a piece of rock, fist, or baseball bat may also result in bleeding inside the eye or a black eye due to swelling.

When injuries or traumas cause a bloodshot eye, the severity of the accident merits a call or visit to the doctor. If the symptoms show serious damage to any part of the eye that may cause vision problems, an eye specialist may suggest a particular treatment to address the issue directly.