12 Common Causes of Blood In Eye You Shouldn’t Ignore

Contact Lenses

There is so much about wearing contact lenses that may lead to a subconjunctival hemorrhage. People who wear them should take extra precautions. Poor compliance may invite microbial keratitis, causing scarring or permanent loss of sight.

Improper insertion and removal are often the primary causes of damage to the eyes’ surface and possibly creating harm. Meanwhile, using disposable lenses may lead to infection and excessive rubbing, appearing as a blood spot afterward. Also, sleeping with contact lenses is another way to irritate the eye and suffer from the symptoms.

Applying caution when using contact lenses is the best way to prevent a bloodshot. Any sign of irritation or infection should keep anyone from using them altogether and switching to conventional eyeglasses. Eye doctors also suggest refraining from wearing contact lenses until the blood in the eye clears up and subconjunctival hemorrhage heals on its own. A visit to the doctor is advisable if there are any severe symptoms like pain, blurred vision, and inflammation. An eye specialist may recommend treatments or care instructions to help heal the bleeding and other issues.