12 Common Causes of Blood In Eye You Shouldn’t Ignore

A bloodshot eye is not a very appealing sight. Although it is mainly a brief and harmless episode, people should still look closely at the possible blood in eye causes to know if there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If it is recurring, persistent, or accompanied by unfamiliar symptoms, a call or visit to an eye specialist or doctor is necessary. Unfortunately, not all blood spot stories end in good outcomes, and the only thing that could keep people from the worst-case scenario is when the patient receives the correct diagnosis and treatment care.

Blood in the eye, commonly known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage or a blood spot, sometimes appears out of nowhere. It may be a bruise or burst blood vessel fading away within days or weeks, but not without causing alarm, especially if it happens the first time. At first glance, it may seem to materialize without any indication. But in reality, it is likely the result of an unrecognized injury and other causes detailed below.


People may not realize it, but they sometimes overdo things–even everyday tasks–and cause health risks. For example, engaging the body in exhilarating activities like a challenging workout could easily exert internal pressure that would rupture blood vessels and sometimes cause a tinge of blood in the eye.

The eye has ophthalmic veins, which may break if the body is subjected to too much effort, no matter what that may be. The causes could be intense exercise, simply lifting heavy objects, or pulling and pushing things from one place to another. All these and similar activities could generate all kinds of internal pressure to prompt a blood vessel in the eye to pop.

The good news is that a bloodshot caused by straining and other vigorous pursuits is not usually huge and may resolve itself without treatment. If it does not come with vision change or pain, there is typically no need to worry about it. Leaving the blood spot alone and allowing it to go away without intervention is often the safest resort.