11 Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil (Backed By Science)

May Help in Treating Asthma

Asthma is considered one of the most common chronic conditions in which the lining of the airways swells. As a result, the muscle tends to constrict, making it difficult for the human body to breathe properly.

Plenty of research shows that using black seed oil, specifically the thymoquinone in the oil, can help treat asthma. It is by reducing the inflammation happening inside the body and helping to relax all the muscles in the airway. 

There is one study for black seed oil capsules for 80 adults with asthma. These people were given 500mg of black seed oil capsules twice a day for four weeks. After the 4-weeks trial, all 80 adults have significantly shown an improvement in their asthma attacks.   

While the result of this kind of study is promising, there is a need to study more about this black seed oil. Many scientists believe that more extensive and prolonged studies are still needed to assess short-term and long-term safety, not to mention the effectiveness of these supplements for the treatment of asthma.