The 13 Causes of Back Acne (You Should Definitely Be Aware Of)

Family History

Another critical factor that can influence the appearance of back acne is family history. Genetics plays a huge factor in back acne cases, especially if the parents struggled with acne during their adolescent years. There’s a considerable probability that the child will carry such genes that cause overactive sebaceous glands. 

If the person has overactive sebaceous glands, they will produce an excess of sebum which leads to a higher chance of pores becoming blocked with a combination of oil, dirt, and sebum, which can attract bacteria that will lead to infection. Furthermore, family history will also determine whether the body has high tolerance against Propionibacterium acnes which have been established as the bacteria that promote acne formation. 

If genetics dictate that the parents have a low threshold against P. acnes, the child will have a higher chance of developing acne as oil will develop in the follicles and cause inflammation. In addition, recent studies have shown that if a person has a first-degree relative with severe acne problems, there’s a significant chance of acne development during adolescence and adulthood. Although acne can be treated with the right medication and proper hygiene, it can still annoy people suffering from constant breakouts.