10 Health Benefits Of Yoga (Backed By Science)

Strengthens Muscles

Yoga is often associated with inner peace and flexibility. Although this is correct, some people fail to recognize its benefit in strengthening muscles. Yes, the right approach, style, and pose can help boost muscle strength, which refers to the ability to lift and move objects. Some benefits of stronger muscles are better balance and stability that prevent falls and injuries, improved posture, increased energy, a fitter body, and endurance. In addition, some exercises aid in building muscle strength, like squats. Besides going to the gym, another alternative is doing yoga. Some poses contract the muscles, and holding them for a certain period could enhance strength. 

A study showed a significant improvement in the participants’ muscle strength after being subjected to yoga intervention. However, it’s still best to complement yoga with other exercises that aim to strengthen muscles for maximum results. Resistance tools like bands and weights can further strengthen the muscles. Yoga with weight is also increasing in popularity and may be a good style to try if you want to build muscles.