The 12 Health Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder You Should Be Aware Of

Difficulty Falling Asleep

People who are going through the manic or hypomanic phase of the condition are capable of going long stretches without sleeping at all. Bipolar disorder depression can make it difficult for a person to sleep, either too much or not enough. One of the major difficulties that persons with bipolar illness may have is getting the appropriate amount of sleep.

Lack of sleep, whether intended or not, might potentially increase the risk of experiencing a manic or hypomanic episode. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep might be crucial to controlling bipolar disorder.

In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting enough sleep is one of the three physical requirements for overall good health. Good general health is particularly crucial while living with a mental health issue like bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder can have enough sleep even without the help of medication with some sleep routine. 

Establishing a sleep schedule may be helpful for everyone and can also assist with the emotional swings that come with bipolar disorder. Also, creating a pleasant sleeping environment to have a good night’s sleep, like avoiding light and avoiding noise distractions.