What Are The Causes Of Swollen Uvula? 11 Common Triggers


The uvula becomes irritated when a person smokes because smoke can easily affect the uvula and throat, whether from cigarettes or pollution in the air. The uvula becomes parched and inflamed as a result. Cigarettes or chewing tobacco bring dry, swollen, and irritated throats.

Cigarette heat dries the esophagus, making it uncomfortable and irritated. It makes swallowing challenging and frequently results in coughing. The chemicals in cigarettes are responsible for this. Smoking also aggravates the throat’s delicate tissues, producing more mucus overall. 

There are several chemicals in cigarette smoke, and most of them are hazardous, damaging, and eventually lead to cancer. Acetone and cresol are a few of these. A substance called acetone is utilized in solutions. If inhaled, it agitates the throat, nose, and even the eyes. Another damaging chemical in a cigarette is cresol, a component of solvents, paints, and varnishes. Prolonged inhalation may also irritate the throat, contributing to the swollen uvula.

Anyone suffering from this kind of swelling may practically treat an irritated and enlarged uvula caused by smoking by giving up on this type of addiction and by avoiding smoke-polluted places.