What Could Cause Stye? 16 Possible Triggers (List)

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are one of the most prominent commercial beauty products, but it has been overlooked as a cause of stye because of their commercial popularity. A stye can stem from many causes, such as a non-sanitized contact lens being one example. 

Stye festers and develops whenever foreign particles enter the eyelids and block the glands. So, unsanitized contact lenses can have a considerable chance of infecting the eye and its surrounding areas, which subsequently cause inflammation in the eyes. Moreover, contact lenses tend to stay on the eyes for long periods, which may cause irritation that further enables the growth of bacteria.

Based on research, there are direct correlations with contact lenses and the growth and development of a stye. A contact lens on its own is not a damaging product, but as with most things involving infections, hygiene is tremendously crucial in these scenarios.

Furthermore, most contact lenses, as mentioned prior, irritate the eyes due to how long it is kept in front of the cornea, further causing damage to the eyes and nearby tissues.