What Could Cause Stye? 16 Possible Triggers (List)

Poor Hygiene

As with most minor infections and inflammations, poor hygiene is one of the root causes of a stye. Hygiene is one of the most crucial steps in protecting yourself against infections, and failing to maintain personal hygiene can lead to unwanted circumstances like bacteria festering on the body.

A stye starts developing when the oil gland is blocked, consequently enabling the bacteria to fester. Poor hygiene can cause the clogging of glands in your eyelids. Moreover, hygiene is the primary external protection that our body relies on. Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene can and will lessen the risks of getting inflammations like a stye.

Typical hygiene issues that cause stye are dirt build-up, failure to wash off products, and grimy hands. These problems often cause foreign substances to penetrate the eyelid and block the glands, consequently causing stye.

After a stye has grown and festered, failing to maintain proper hygiene will only lead to more inflammation as irritants and dirt will continue to penetrate the skin and will eventually worsen the infection, prolonging the pain and discomfort.