14 Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds (Is The Hype Real?)

Promotes Weight Loss

Many experts consider obesity to be an epidemic. Almost three million people lose their lives because of complications associated with excess weight. With health risks such as stroke, diabetes, and cancer, weight loss has become one of—if not the most—pressing health concerns for many. While the primary contributor to weight gain is the consumption of too many calories more than the energy they burn, factors like metabolism, hormones, body type, and other genetic and lifestyle factors also affect it.

Besides the physical conditions resulting from being overweight, mental disorders can also develop due to obesity, like anxiety, depression, and stress. Therefore, it’s critical to maintain a healthy body weight. While many dietary regimens claim to help shed excess pounds, some aren’t safe nor supported by scientific evidence. However, dieticians, nutritionists, and other health providers agree that the best way to lose weight is to combine a well-balanced diet with regular physical activity.

Certain foods like pumpkin seeds may also support healthy weight maintenance and loss, as they’re rich in unsaturated fat, protein, and fiber. To get the most out of these edible seeds, stick with unsalted and raw seeds because they will reduce your consumption of sodium, fat, and calories.