What Could Trigger Nausea? 14 Possible Causes

Nausea is a medical term used for stomach discomfort accompanied by the likelihood of vomiting. This indicates that the body may eject stomach contents and acids through the mouth. People of all ages could suffer from nausea. Most of the time, the reason nausea occurs is difficult to identify. However, sometimes it may be triggered by viruses, pregnancy, unpleasant odor, and digestive conditions.

Nausea is commonly interchanged with vomiting. Since the two conditions normally appear simultaneously, some exchange one for another. To identify nausea from vomiting, remember that nausea signals the body that it may throw up anytime. Therefore, emptying the stomach contents is the best description for vomiting. 

Nausea is commonly misunderstood as a condition or disease, but medically speaking, it is a symptom of many illnesses and diseases. It is often accompanied by weakness, excessive sweating, a buildup of saliva in the mouth, and a sensation of vomiting. These symptoms may last for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the underlying cause of it. 

This article lists the common causes of nausea.

Motion Sickness

When the brain cannot process and perceive information sent by the eyes, ears, and body, it results in motion sickness. For example, moving vehicles such as cars, airplanes, intense amusement park rides, and boats may cause motion that the body cannot handle. Motion sickness may make the body feel uneasy and cause stomach discomfort. 

The brain receives information from every body part that can detect motion. These body parts are the eyes, muscles, joints, and ears. When these motion-sensing parts misinform and confuse the brain, it causes a reaction from the brain, which makes a person sick. Motion sickness may also be derived from the multiple pieces of information the brain cannot process.   

When this happens, the brain starts to send a signal to the body as its reaction. Symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea, may begin to appear. Nausea may occur due to the confusion of the brain from all the information that floods it all at once.