14 At-Home, All-Natural Remedies For Sleep Apnea

Exercise Regularly

Although there are medical treatments available for sleep apnea, regular exercise can also be an effective home remedy. Exercising regularly can make a big difference for mild cases of either type of sleep apnea. 

There are two main ways that exercising can ease sleep apnea symptoms: by strengthening the muscles in the throat and improving lung function. The upper airway muscles play an important role in keeping the airway open during sleep. These muscles can weaken with age, which can contribute to sleep apnea. Exercising these muscles can help them stay strong and improve airflow during sleep.

Lung function also plays a role in sleep apnea. Poor lung function can make breathing harder and may contribute to collapses in the airway during sleep. Exercise helps improve lung function by increasing muscular endurance and respiratory muscle strength. This can help ease symptoms of sleep apnea. 

Both aerobic exercises and exercises targeting the upper airway muscles can help improve sleep apnea symptoms. Improved fitness from aerobic exercise can lead to better quality sleep and easier breathing during sleep. Respiratory muscle training exercises that focus on strengthening the chest and abdominal muscles can also help people with sleep apnea.