13 Natural Ways To Treat Sinus Headache At Home

The cavities around the forehead, cheeks, and nose bridge are called sinuses. Pressure in the sinuses produces pain, which leads to sinus headaches.

Usually, sinus headaches happen because of sinusitis or sinus infection. They may also be brought on by structural problems, such as nasal polyps, chronic inflammation, or allergies. Moreover, sinus headaches can be chronic or temporary. Fortunately, this health condition can typically be treated at home, depending on the reason.

In addition, the sinuses are lined by a thin membrane that resembles the nose. The membrane may experience swelling as a result of an allergy or infection, creating pressure and discomfort. Aside from swelling, fluid accumulation in the sinuses can also cause pressure.

More so, sinus pain can be felt in the nose bridge, cheeks, the crown of the head, and the area above the nose. The discomfort has the possibility to affect both sides or one side, depending on the reason. Some people discover that coughing, stooping, or bending over worsens sinus headaches. In some cases, bending over causes the pain to spread to the teeth. 

Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is a popular home remedy for sinus headaches. It is an easy relief for sinusitis and sinus pressure, which are the common causes of sinus headaches.

In relation to this, one research study involving 871 individuals experienced relief from headaches after inhaling steam. However, it’s important to note that steam inhalation didn’t prevent the recurrence of the headache nor cure other symptoms. The reason is that steam does not eliminate the virus causing the sinus infection.

Inhaling warm, wet steam reduces nasal irritation and enlarged blood vessels. The sinuses may be able to empty more easily thanks to the moisture from the steam thinning the mucus. It allows breathing to get back to normal.

People can easily perform steam inhalation at home. They can place boiled water in a big bowl and bend over so their face is above the water. Afterward, they should use a towel to cover their head and inhale through their nose. The best way to inhale steam to relieve sinus headaches is to breathe deeply and slowly for around two to five minutes.