9 Natural Remedies For Leg Cramps (At Home)


When working out or during an active day, most people end up experiencing cramps due to dehydration and overexertion of muscles. When the muscles involuntarily contract, finding ways to decompress the muscles and relieve the contractions is best. One of the best ways to do this is by stretching the muscles until they gain their elasticity back.

To stretch out the hamstrings, sit down, straighten the legs, and reach for the toes while the head rests on the knees. For the quadriceps, stand on the unaffected leg, have the heel of the cramping leg reach for the butt cheek, hold the foot from behind with the hand, and pull back. For the inner arch, flex the feet towards the body, point the toes towards the head, hold the toes, and pull.

During these stretches, pain levels may increase momentarily but will subside and help lessen the time of the leg cramps. Once the muscles relax, avoid sudden movements, as they may trigger leg cramps again.