12 Best Home Remedies For Eye Infection (List)

Saline Water

Saline, known as salt water, is a natural therapy for treating eye infections, tested, and proven for many years. It is commonly used to wash out any eye discharges or dirt. Saline water resembles teardrops, the eye’s natural means of self-cleansing. Moreover, it has antibacterial qualities that result in an effective cure for eye infections. Sterile saline solutions can be purchased either from pharmacies or online stores.

An eye infection can also be treated with a homemade saline solution. It flushes and soothes irritated, swollen, and stinging eyes. It can easily be prepared, by combining a cup of tap water with one teaspoon of salt, bringing it to a boil, and letting it cool. Use a glass container that has recently been well cleaned in the dishwasher, or boil-sterilize it for 10 minutes. It will lessen the chance of bacteria tainting the solution. Use this solution to cleanse the eyes once it has cooled. For better outcomes, treatment can be performed twice daily. Store the boiled tap water saline in a glass jar or bottle for no more than 24 hours. Keep the distilled water-based saline for a month.