12 Home (And Natural) Remedies For Constipation

Frequent Exercise

Medical research has found a link that ties up a sedentary lifestyle with an increased chance of developing constipation. Although not all medical experts agree that exercising is a must to help keep the gut healthy, the evidence supports that exercise can increase stool motility in the colon. 

Exercise helps constipated people by moving the stool more efficiently through the gastrointestinal tract. Exercise helps keep the stool moving to make the large intestine absorb lesser fluids making the waste softer and easier to pass. Aerobic exercises also help increase breathing and heart rate, which doctors believe helps stimulate the natural muscle contractions in your intestines. When muscle contractions become more frequent, they move the contents faster, resulting in better gut health. 

Doctors recommend exercising an hour before a big meal to help blood flow to the stomach and intestines. If the person decides to exercise after eating, they’ll deprive the gastrointestinal tract of needed blood and oxygen, which makes it more difficult to digest and move the food. In addition, walking, stretching, swimming, dancing, and other aerobic exercises can help against constipation.