12 Home Remedies For Burning Feet: How To Get Rid Of It

Human body organs, whether internal or external, are equally important. When one organ malfunctions or adapts to certain diseases, all other organs suffer along with it. Among the body parts, only the feet can take a person to places they want to be. Thus, they must be appropriately taken care of. When there is inflammation in the feet, there is severe pain and a feeling of tingling on the sole, toes, ball, ankle, and other parts of the feet. 

Burning feet are usually caused by fatigue, tight footwear worn for several hours, heat, walking for an extended period without rest, poor blood circulation, and nerve damage (neuropathy.) A few of the most common medical conditions that result in burning feet include: diabetes (high blood sugar that could damage hands and feet); uremia (the kidney fails, affecting lower extremities); hypothyroidism (aggravates the pain in muscles and joints of the feet); erythromelalgia (burning sensation and redness of the hands and feet); and athlete’s foot (rashes that grow in the skin of the feet because of the fungus.) Though burning feet have various causes, some remedies may be taken as first aid to cure the inflammation.

Comfortable Footwear 

Tight footwear damages the toes, ankles, heels, and other foot parts. When the feet are forced to fit in shoes that are smaller in size and shape, the toes curl up, making them appear reddish. The ankles are also constantly rubbed at the back of the shoes or sandals, producing friction in addition to the heat felt inside. This is because of the absence of air passing through and around the feet. A solution is to switch to comfortable footwear that provides a good atmosphere and cushion support to the feet. 

In addition, those who have diabetes and are experiencing stinging pain in the feet can use shoe inserts to reduce the burning pain. These are called orthotic inserts; they are customized and specially made for a particular person following their foot size, shape, and width. Additionally, these custom orthotics are inserted into the shoes to lessen the burning and swelling pain inside. However, these insertions do not guarantee complete healing to the damaged feet, but they alleviate the inflammation and provide relief and comfort to the burning feet.