13 Effective Remedies To Help You Treat Bad Breath At Home

Bad breath, or medically termed halitosis, is a condition that could lead to potentially embarrassing social situations. A person with bad breath may not even know that they have a strong mouth odor, much more than the socially acceptable smell. According to research, bad breath affects nearly half of the population. Of the number, most of them don’t suffer from halitosis at all. 

Dentists and other medical practitioners say that there are several causes of bad breath: bacteria, smoking, and dry mouth. They also state that it could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. According to experts, some breaths may smell fruity or sweet, some smell fetid or reek of garbage, some smell sour, others smell like nail polish remover, and others smell like fecal matter. Still, some bad breaths smell musty or like ammonia or urine, while others smell like maple syrup or sweaty feet, fishy or boiled cabbage. These examples of bad breath odors may indicate an imbalance, and it’s essential to consult with a physician to determine the underlying cause of the problem. 

Here are some home remedies for bad breath:.

Warm Salt Water

Halitosis happens when bacteria in the mouth, particularly in the gums, teeth, and the inside of the mouth, multiply ceaselessly because of poor oral hygiene. Bacteria will cause a foul-smelling odor; without proper oral care and intervention, it will worsen. 

Halitosis can also affect the throat, as bacteria can travel and cause sore throat and irritation. Coupled with a thick mucus lining, it’s a huge breeding ground for infection. One of the oldest and best ways to treat halitosis is to gargle with warm salt water. All one has to do is take a glass of warm (not hot) water, dissolve a teaspoonful or so of salt, and stir the mixture.

Gargling with warm salt water removes mucus from the area around the tonsils and throat. As the warm water rinses the area, it eliminates the mucus, cleaning the back of the mouth and preventing a foul smell from affecting your breath. Doctors recommend gargling the mixture for 10-15 seconds before spitting it out. They also recommend repeating the process until the person feels that the back of their mouth is clean. They also suggest gargling several times a day for maximum effect.