12 Best Home Remedies To Treat Arthritis Naturally


Turmeric is receiving plenty of attention today, making it a popular alternative solution for several diseases. According to trusted sources, curcumin in turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective.

But it is specifically used as an anti-inflammatory spice. Studies show that turmeric, specifically its main component, curcumin, helps reduce pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Most people consume turmeric by adding turmeric powder to milk, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and a few drops of maple syrup. In addition, some people add turmeric to various dishes and salads. Turmeric teas and supplements are likewise available today. 

In traditional medicine, people pound the fresh turmeric rhizomes and extract the juice, which they apply directly to the swollen and painful joints. But turmeric can stain the skin, coloring the inflamed area golden yellow. Still, many people create a paste of turmeric powder and coconut oil, which they apply over their painful joints. 

While the medical community needs more studies to gauge the effectiveness and safety of turmeric, some medical organizations already consider turmeric safe for adults. However, they also warn people to take turmeric in moderation. Long-term use or high doses of turmeric could cause gastrointestinal problems.