Foods to Avoid with Gout – 15 Sources You Should Know


When it comes to meats that you are better off avoiding due to conditions such as gout, beef is at the top of the list. Red meat is high in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats. The combination can cause bloating (among other problems), and has been known to make the symptoms of gout much worse.

Research suggests that the consumption of red meat such as beef can be safe in moderation. However, there are situations where red meat, even if you’re careful with your portions, can still cause problems. Eating too much red meat has been linked to coronary heart disease, colorectal cancer, and stroke.

Beef can be a challenge to remove from one’s diet, especially if you live in areas where beef is a staple. However, you’ll have to make the necessary changes if you want to ensure you minimize the effects beef can have on the body. With the collection of saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, it’s a problematic combination that causes many more health issues than it solves.