Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

High Fat Cheese

Various cheeses can trigger the effects of heartburn, which is partly why fast food burgers aren’t a good idea. The versatility of cheese is staggering, and you’ll find plenty of recipes adding cheese to the mix just because of how it can change the flavor profile. Butter and cheese are similar in that respect, though butter is more focused on a specific flavor. Cheese tends to vary wildly depending on how it’s prepared.

While cheese can act as a trigger for acid reflux, it’s not quite as big a trigger as many others on this list. There are also plenty of cheeses out there — including cottage and ricotta cheese — that have low fat. These cheeses are okay to consume, but they can still cause problems if you eat too much. Take care when eating high fat cheese, as it increases the risk of diabetes.

Are all types of cheese unhealthy for you? Not always. However, just about every type of cheese is not a good idea to consume everyday. The unfortunate thing is that cheese is so deeply embedded into the food culture of most places that even the ice cream has cheese mixed in from time to time.