Top 15 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes – Here’s What You Should Know


It can often seem like everything that tastes great comes with potentially harmful side-effects for the body. That’s not necessarily true, as there are some healthy ingredients and meals that are as delicious as they are beneficial to the body, but there’s just something amazing about trying out some decadent cookies. Things just feel right in the world when you take a bite of cookies that you know you’ll love. Unfortunately, the fact that they’re such decadent snacks means they’re also high in sugar, which can cause issues with diabetes.

It can’t be avoided that the tastiest snacks tend to be the most unhealthy due to the fact that they’re so tasty. Many have tried to crack the code and make healthy cookies that taste fantastic, and they’ve gotten close. Some cookies are made with healthy ingredients, allowing even diabetics to enjoy cookies.

However, that’s not what we’re talking about. The genuine chocolate chip cookies (and other decadent varieties) are the ones that, sadly, people should avoid if they don’t want to eat anything too unhealthy. As difficult as they are to resist, you are better off avoiding cookies.