10 Foods High in Vitamin K for Strong Bones

2. Collard Greens

Collard greens is not only loaded with nutrition but it’s tasty too. It belongs to the cabbage family that provides antioxidants, digestive and cardiovascular support, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Enjoy its natural flavor by simply sautéing or steaming the greens and it will give extra nutrition to your diet. One half of cooked collard greens provides 530 mcg of vitamin K.

3. Garden Cress

The high nutritional value and unique flavor of garden cress make salads and sandwiches tastier and delicious. This salad vegetable that has a distinctive peppery taste originated from Persia. Its medical properties have been recognized in India and Europe for centuries. By adding only half an ounce of these greens to your salad, your required daily value of vitamin K is nearly 100% covered.