Foods High in Vitamin B7 – Just What We Need to Boost Our Energy

Vitamin B7 is also known as biotin. It has gone by many names in the past including vitamin H and coenzyme R. We need vitamin B7 because it synthesizes nutrients to supply energy to our body. It also helps make our hair, skin and nails healthy. A sufficient amount of biotin also keeps our heart healthy and keeps our blood sugar under control. It also protects brain function and prevents cognitive decline. Deficiency in vitamin B7 causes depression, loss of hair, dandruff, fatigue, and feeling weak and dry scalp. Foods high in vitamin B7 are recommended to boost energy and make use of its many health benefits.

1. Almonds

One-fourth cup of almonds supply 49% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B7. Almonds also have extensive health benefits including relief from coughs, constipation, heart disorders and anemia. They also help keep skin, hair and teeth healthy. It is recommended that you eat almonds on an empty stomach to speed up the absorption of their nutrients.