10 Foods High in Vitamin A: Good for the Eyes and Everything Else!

Vitamin A is known all around as what gives people better eyesight. Vitamin A comprises nutrients containing retinoids (animal food sources) and carotenoids (plant food sources). This vitamin is also beneficial collectively to the body. It helps in building immunity, enhancing skin health and cell growth/development. Studies claimed it also contains antioxidant properties which can be used for cancer prevention. Generally speaking, diets rich in vitamin A are essential for your well-being. This vitamin is mainly available naturally in foods with characteristically yellow, orange or bright red in color. Below are some foods high in vitamin A that you can try more of and enjoy.

1. Carrots

During your childhood days, you may remember your parents or even grandparents telling you to eat more carrots, either raw or cooked. It is scientifically established that carrots are a good source of vitamin A. A single cup of chopped carrots can give you 334% your vitamin A requirement in a day. Although you might like your carrots cooked, the best way of acquiring this vitamin is to consume the carrots raw. Be creative and consume it in your vegetable salad or make fresh carrot juice.