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Beware of These 10 Foods High in Trans Fat! They’re Out to Get You!

Most of the foods we consume today are bad for our health. Junk food, fast food and many other delicious foods are full of trans fats. These fats are what make foods tastier and last longer on the shelf. But the US FDA has already mandated food manufacturers to get rid of trans fats from their products in a few years’ time. Here are ten of the foods high in trans fats that you should avoid at all costs if you want to remain healthy and free from illnesses that may be caused by these unhealthy food components. 

1. Deep Fried Food

Fried anything can be really bad to the health, especially if consumed in excessive amounts and on a daily basis. Your favorite French fries can have as much as 5 g of trans fats. Substitute them for baked fries instead. When buying food for frying, always make it a habit to read the labels to see their trans fats content.

2. Microwave Popcorn

This type of popular snack can have as much as 5 g per serving. This is especially true in flavored microwave popcorn. Although it has other beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, consuming more than one serving is bound to pack your body with the evil trans fats.

3. Candies with Cream Fillings

Candies, especially those with cream fillings, are not only full of sugar, but just a small-sized piece of cream-filled candy has 0.5 g. Eat several of these deliciously sweet candies and you will be packed not only with trans fats but with sugars as well.

4. Donuts

Although many donut makers have already excluded trans fats in their ingredients, small amounts may still be present in them. Those that have frostings and cream fillings are guiltier of containing trans fats. Aside from this, you will also get a sugar rush immediately after consuming donuts, and later on get an energy crash.

5. Margarine

You can get as much as 3 g of trans fats per serving of margarine, regardless if it’s in a tub or stick. Although many margarine makers have already eliminated trans fats from their products, it won’t hurt to still check the label just in case you get the brand that still uses trans fats.

6. Cakes, Cookies and Pies

Don’t be fooled by labels that say the product has 0 g trans fats. Food makers are allowed to indicate 0 g if the trans fats contained in one serving of the product is not more than 0.5 g. Imagine wolfing down several pieces of cookies or a big slice of cake and pie. Your body will absorb several grams of trans fats in one sitting.

7. Breakfast Sandwiches

Let’s admit it: breakfast food is more often than not fried. Fried food is full of trans fats, and if you consume different types of fried food in one meal, then you are surely going to have an overload of trans fats in your system. Substitute them with healthier alternatives such as greens and non-fried foods.

8. Biscuits

You may think biscuits are healthy, but beware especially of the flaky variety. It is a texture produced by trans fats. Frozen biscuits can have up to 4 g of trans fats. And what’s more, their sodium content can be more than half the recommended daily intake.

9. Frozen Pizza

Just like crackers, the crusty and flaky texture of frozen pizza is attributed to trans fats. One slice has 1 g, and we all know one slice in one sitting is never enough. It is better to make a pizza crust from scratch rather than buying a frozen variety.

10. Crackers

Just like biscuits, crackers can deceive you with their 0 g trans fats content on their label. It’s impossible to consume just one piece of cracker, right? When you notice that your crackers can last for several weeks in the shelf still crispy and fresh, chances are trans fats are making them that way.

Is consuming trans fats worth it?

Although it may seem so at the moment you are munching on fries, donuts and cakes, the long term effects of trans fats to the body are never worth the momentary enjoyment and fulfillment you feel when you eat foods high in these bad fats. Start substituting these foods to healthier options and your body will thank you for doing so.

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