Beware of These 10 Foods High in Trans Fat! They’re Out to Get You!

Most of the foods we consume today are bad for our health. Junk food, fast food and many other delicious foods are full of trans fats. These fats are what make foods tastier and last longer on the shelf. But the US FDA has already mandated food manufacturers to get rid of trans fats from their products in a few years’ time. Here are ten of the foods high in trans fats that you should avoid at all costs if you want to remain healthy and free from illnesses that may be caused by these unhealthy food components. 

1. Deep Fried Food

Fried anything can be really bad to the health, especially if consumed in excessive amounts and on a daily basis. Your favorite French fries can have as much as 5 g of trans fats. Substitute them for baked fries instead. When buying food for frying, always make it a habit to read the labels to see their trans fats content.