10 Best Foods High in Tin That Help Fight Depression, Pain, Fatigue and More

Tin, a form of micro mineral or trace mineral, is found in our body in small amounts. Typically it is found in tissues, and in larger amounts in the liver, supra-renal glands, brain, thyroid glands and spleen. There are fresh foods high in tin, with amounts equal to that found in the soil where food is grown. Tin provides the body with health benefits positive for depression, pain, fatigue, digestion and skin problems. Through research, it was concluded that the daily requirement for tin is 1 to 3 mg from various food sources is healthy for the body. It supports the growth of hair and enhances reflexes. It has potential anti-cancer properties and is a cure for insomnia. It is an alternative treatment to fatigue, depression and moodiness when another form of treatment fails. The ideal average tin concentration in the body is equal to that of iodine, chromium, cobalt, and selenium, which are all important nutrients.

1. Canned Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes must not be mistaken for tomato sauce because they are whole tomatoes placed in a can to have a longer shelf life. They are often used as a vital ingredient in making tomato sauce when the fresh produce is not available. The amount of tin in canned tomatoes is very minimal and it is affected by the type of can used and storage conditions. A can of stewed tomatoes with a lacquered lining contains 2.8 ug/gm when it is newly opened. If left in the refrigerator for a week, the tin content rises to 3.7 ug/gm.