Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy with These 10 Foods High in Sulfur

Sulfur is a mineral best known for its effect on the hair and skin. It is found in hot springs and around volcanoes, and it is also present in some plants and meat products. According to research, it also helps in making the system resistant to toxic substances and bacteria. If you need to increase the level of this mineral in your body, eating foods high in sulfur is a great way to do it. Here are some of the best food sources for this.

1. Tea

It can be served hot or cold and it is packed with health benefits. One cup or 237 ml of tea contains 130 mg of sulfur, which is why it can help make the skin better. Its effect on the skin becomes even more powerful with its antioxidant property. This also prevents the risk of cancer. It’s calorie-free and it is effective in weight loss.