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10 Foods High in Sugar that You Must Avoid Right Away if You Want to Lose Weight

Foods high in sugar can cause very dangerous health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, obesity and cancer. Experts say that sugar can be found in natural sources, such as those found in fruits and vegetable, and artificial sources like processed food and drinks.

Sugar can further be classified into monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. Among the three the latter is the most uncommon. Monosaccharides are often referred to as simple sugar like glucose and fructose. Sucrose on the one hand is an example of disaccharides. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for sugar is 27 g for women and 37 g for men. The two common types can be found in most products that we eat. Here is a list of foods that have a high sugar content. 

1. Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks are always sold together with common fast food products such as burgers, chicken nuggets and fries. One can of soft drinks contains 39 g of sugar which is roughly equal to the sugar content of a medium sized orange. If you want to lose weight, you should totally skip drinking your favorite brand of carbonated drink. Switch to drinking water instead!

2. Cakes

If you love Boston Cream Pie, Angel Food Cake, Cheesecake, Fruit Cake or any other kind of cake, then you must start avoiding these super sweet treats. One slice of Boston Cream Pie contains 27 g of sugar – which is 2 grams more than the recommended daily intake for sugar for women.

3. Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue is a staple for people who love inviting people over the weekend. There are tons of mixes available in the market that can cater to even the pickiest palette. But if you plan to get the beautiful bod, then you should reconsider buying a bottle of your favorite sauce. Barbecue sauce may not be an obvious source of sugar, but one tablespoon or 17 g of this mixture has 6 g of sugar in it.

4. Ketchup

Ketchup and fries are matchmade in heaven. It is a must have condiment if you also like making homemade burgers. But did you know that this popular dip contains a lot of sugar? In fact, almost 4 g of sugar can be found in just one tablespoon of ketchup. Yikes!

5. Fruit Juice

Lately everyone is juicing all sorts of fruits because of the countless of health benefits that can be obtained from the blended mixture. But did you know that fruit juices, even the homemade ones are packed with a lot of sugar? Fruits contain natural sugar, which is good for you. However, because you removed the pulp through your juicers, you are basically drinking high amount of sugar in just one gulp. Word of advice: Eat the fruits instead. They work better that way!

6. Dried Fruits

Many people like eating dried fruits because they have a lot of fiber. They are also quite delectable because of their unique taste and texture. However, if you are planning to trim off excess fats, then eating dried fruits might not be a good idea because one pack alone contains approximately 16 g of added sugar.

7. Canned Fruits

Canned fruits are sometimes eaten as snacks or added in cakes and pies. Most brands use heavy syrup to preserve the fruits, which is why one serving of canned fruits contains 52% sugar which is roughly equivalent to 20.4 grams. Some canned fruits contain more sugar than the other variants.

8. Fruit Jams

Seasonal fruits are turned into jams so people can enjoy them any time of the year. Cranberries, tart apples, gooseberries, currants, blackberries are just a few examples of fruits that are preserved in syrup. Because of the syrup, you can also find a lot sugar in every serving.

9. Ice Cream

Ice cream is the perfect dessert you can eat on any occasion. Whether it’s a hot afternoon or a boring weekend, you can surely find comfort in eating your favorite ice cream flavor. However, if you really want to lose a few pounds, you might have to ditch eating ice cream. If you want a less harsh approach then perhaps you can portion your ice cream consumption.

10. Cereals

Many people, both young and adult, eat cereal for breakfast because it doesn’t require tedious cooking preparation. The sugar content for different types of cereal varies. For example, a cup of breakfast cereal only contains 0.8 grams of sweeteners while Golden Crisp contains 14 grams. Oatmeal cereal have the lowest sugar content which only amounts to 0.5 g per cup.

Last Words

Losing weight takes a lot of determination and self-discipline. While engaging in workouts can help you a plenty, you also need to adjust your diet to achieve more significant changes. You must shy away from those products rich in sugar. Most processed products contain sugar, so you need to make sure that you read the label before you eat.

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